If I had a pound for every time someone asked me what I ‘actually’ do as a VA I’d have at least enough for week’s caravan holiday in Bognor Regis!

I’m most often asked if I’m a Bookkeeper (I am) but I also offer a whole range of other services to support small business owners and sole traders with the sometimes overwhelming agony of the everyday admin of running a business.

Let’s face it, nobody starts their own business because they want to spend their days organising their paperwork, sorting through their expense receipts or the myriad other tasks that are vital to running a business effectively and successfully. People start their own business because they love delivering training or coaching, they love to create stunning hairstyles, feed people delicious food or build people beautiful gardens.

But neglecting those boring admin tasks that can bog you down can also be a barrier to the success and growth of your business and that’s where a VA can help.


So why use a VA?

Think of a good VA like the Pennyworth to your Batman. The Q to your James Bond. The Penfold to your Dangermouse! Could these ‘superheroes’ get their jobs done as effectively without their invaluable sidekicks in the background making sure everything works properly?

Hiring a VA can free up your time so you can focus on revenue generating tasks and growing your business. A VA can provide professional administrative, business support services that can save you time and help you feel less overwhelmed.

There are a whole host of great reasons to use a VA but here are just some of them:

  1. Save money

There are no hiring costs – no advertising, no interviewing, no paying recruitment agency fees to find the right person. There are no ongoing costs such as NI, Tax, holiday pay, sick pay. No need to pay for hardware, software licences, extra office space or other supplies. No need to even pay for tea, coffee or biscuits! And you only pay for the time that a VA is working on your business – no time wasted chatting by the kettle!


  1. Save time

No need to be train up new staff because your VA will come ready with expert skills you need to help you run your business. Whether that’s bookkeeping, social media management, marketing, email and diary management or whatever it is you need help with. Your VA is the admin support you need running things efficiently in the background to give you the time back that you need to properly focus on your business. Once you are no longer trying to ‘spin all the plates’ you will be able to create more space to overcome the obstacles that are stopping your business from fulfilling its full potential


  1. Balance your life

No-one is an expert in everything and often those tasks that you don’t have time for, don’t feel confident doing, or you simply don’t like doing can feel completely overwhelming at times. By outsourcing them to a VA you relieve that ‘admin agony’ and can reclaim those hours from your working day. VAs are also business owners too and understand what it takes to run a business. They help to implement processes and procedures that help everything to run more smoothly helping you to find a better work/life balance.


  1. Access to the best talent

You might be at the point in your business where you need help but can’t quite afford to hire an employee with all the associated costs. You only pay for the time your VA works for you and you can increase this as your business grows and you can afford it.  Nobody truly has all the skills they need to run their business but you can always find a VA (or two) that will have the skill set you are looking for. You get to hire an expert in what you need but without the commitment of an employee and because VAs work remotely it doesn’t matter where they are based in the world so you are longer restricted by how far someone is willing to commute to get the best talent to work on your business.


Ultimately a VA can help drive your business growth and give you the peace of mind that you are no longer alone in your business. When you are no longer trying to juggle everything everyday you finally take those next important steps to greater success.