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So you’ve reached a point where you know that you need to outsource some of the boring admin stuff that seems to take up more and more of your time each week




You’re spending your evenings and weekend trying to stay on top of everything but still feeling like you’re pushing water uphill and that to-do list never gets any shorter




Someone told you about these new-fangled things called Virtual Assistants. You’ve seen a few people talking about Virtual Assistants on LinkedIn or at Networking meetings and mentioning how great they are (spoiler alert: they are!). How much less stressed they feel now they’re able to just focus on running their business and generating revenue.




But you’re not even sure what a Virtual Assistant does and how they can help you




You’ve no idea how it works, how much it costs or what you should even ask a Virtual Assistant to take on for you. Plus, what if it all goes wrong or your business goes down the pan because you took your eye off the ball and let someone else do some of it!!




Here’s a few answers to those questions and some others you might not even have thought of yet:




How do I find a Virtual Assistant I want to work with?




A quick google search should bring up some options but if I were you, I’d ask for recommendations. Ask other people you know in your industry, ask around in any business Facebook groups, put a post on LinkedIn. I guarantee you’ll be inundated in minutes by Virtual Assistants offering their services but in amongst those posts will be a fair few recommendations from people who use a VA and will vouch for their reliability, skills and all round amazingness. But then since you’re here reading my blog I would wholeheartedly recommend myself!




What type of tasks can you do for me?




Like most VAs I’m not just a freelance admin assistant, although I can offer you traditional PA services like document creation, report writing, email and diary management, travel bookings etc




I can also help you with your bookkeeping, automate your business processes though project management software, maintain and update your website, carry out market research, create and schedule social media content, manage course bookings and facilitate online training sessions and create branded images and documents using Canva.




How do I decide which tasks to outsource




An easy way to decided what to outsource is to make a list of all the tasks you need to do  to run your business.  Sort your list into the things that only you can do, the things you could pass over to a VA but are a bit reluctant to without building a good working relationship with someone outside of your business and then everything else  you are left with you can outsource to a VA.




How much does it cost?




My standard charge is £30 per hour but I also offer a number of different packages at set costs so that you can budget effectively for the support you need. If you need a set amount of hours at my standard rate you can book and pay for them in advance so that I can ensure I prioritise the work you need doing. I will let you know if you are close to using up your hours or have time left that needs to be used up by the end of the month.




Why would I pay you £30 per hour when I could employ someone cheaper than that?




Because employing someone direct yourself doesn’t just cost you £12ph or thereabouts for an admin assistant (much more for an exec PA!) and by outsourcing to me instead of employing someone you don’t have to pay for NI and pension contributions, holiday or sick pay, training, equipment, software, office space or even tea and coffee. Also, you only pay for the time spent on your business none of that time chatting by the kettle or online shopping on the clock!




How do I communicate and send work to you?




In a world where we have all had to get used to working from home its easier than ever to work completely virtually. Using cloud-based drives to share files, Zoom or Team calls for regular catch ups, cloud based accounting software, software for sharing passwords to access applications and project management applications like Trello and Asana to track progress all mean that we can work together as effectively as if we were sat next to each other in a physical office.




We can set up regular weekly or monthly calls to check in and review progress and also get to know each so that we find the best ways to work together and I better understand the needs of your business.




Do I have to sign up for a long period?




If you need ad hoc support then, no, but if you want a set number of hours or sign up for a package then there is a 1 month notice period on both sides.




How quickly can you get my work done?




If you are signed up for a set number of hours each month then I will complete work within 48 working hours unless we agree on a longer timescale. If you need ad hoc support, then I will agree a time scale with you for completion that works for us both. Priority is always given to work for my regular clients, but I will always endeavour to help in an emergency if I can.




What is the return on my investment?




The easiest way to work out your ROI is by thinking about your hourly rate. Say you are charging £75 per hour but spending 8 hours a week on your business admin. That’s £600 pw that you’re not billing to your customers. By outsourcing some or all of those admin, bookkeeping, social media tasks at £30 p/hr you could actually make an extra £360 pw. That’s a whole lot of extra income across the year!




How do I sign up?




Here’s a link to my calendar where you can book in a free discovery call to find out how we can start working together and I can answer any other questions you might still want to ask