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Kate has been an incredible help over the last couple of years. Incredibly flexible, she can turn her hand to any administrative task, from finance to report drafting. Very well organized and an efficient time keeper. She also works well with others, which is something I particularly value running a small a business with a very close team. I don’t know what I’d do without her. ”

– Ian Nockolds, Cognisant Research

I am very pleased to give Kate a full and unreserved recommendation and reference for her professionalism and quality of work. Kate has carried out essential functions for my business in terms of support and organization together with a distinct skill in market research and development. These skills have been developed with high effectiveness and secured positive results.

– Graham White, Bonus Projects

As someone who is in their element doing the entrepreneurial side of running a business - creative development, networking, building relationships with clients and collaborators etc, I don't enjoy doing the essential day-to-day administrative and financial tasks - they take up too much of my time and stop me from doing what I'm naturally good at. That's why Kate is such a godsend. She takes care of invoicing, book-keeping, chasing up payments, co-ordinating event bookings etc and is very solid, reliable, and trustworthy. Not only is she a very safe pair of hands, but she is really good at what she does because she enjoys it. I recommend Kate to anyone who needs this sort of practical support in order to run their business well. Money well spent!

-Nicki Davey, Saltbox Training & Events

Kate is, without a doubt, a godsend in the shape of a virtual PA! I wouldn’t be able to run my business as successfully as I do without her professionalism and organisation. She speaks to me about business in a language that I can understand (not like some who seem to enjoy confusing you!), she keeps me up-to-date with any payment deadlines I need to make, and keeps the multiple stacks of paperwork in order. As Landlady of an independent pub, I wouldn’t have the time or energy to do all that Kate does for me and my business, and I am always so grateful to have her onboard. Kate – you can never leave!

-Lucy Cooper, The Three Swans

Kate has been a life saver! She started off with us by setting up and handling our Social Media sites. Kate is now a vital part of our small team developing our new website. Although some of the skills were new to Kate she picked them up straight away and has provided us with her own knowledge and advice along the way which has been very helpful. Kate's attention to detail is excellent and what is most important to me is that Kate will take a job away from me and handle it, allowing me to focus on my business. I know it is in safe hands and I am kept fully informed of what has been done and what needs to be done. Kate is great to work with and fits in well with a small team, I would highly recommend her.

-Clare Brown, House of Radiators

I have worked with Kate for over 3 years. In that time, in addition to my own business, she has supported two of my client's businesses. It goes without saying, I trust Kate implicitly! She is an essential part of my network, my 'go-to' for all things finance and HMRC related. She has supported one of my clients who was working on a government funded program which required strict accounting set up for auditing purposes. Kate helped to set up the financial structure for this new program. She was there to advise us on a regular basis, update on inconsistencies and was always one-step ahead with guidance on our accounting operating practices. In my own business I work with Kate on a bookkeeper basis. Most recently she has advised me on setting up my own rigorous digital accounting systems for my growing business.

– Becky Follett, The Agile Consultancy


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